The research that we do in our group is within the subfield of Atomic Molecular and Optical physics (AMO). Although the physics that we study has connections to other domains of science (condensed matter, nuclear physics, physical chemistry, etc…), the techniques and knowledge which make these experiments possible remains (for the most part) within the purview of AMO physics. What is AMO physics?

The achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation and the production of Fermi degenerate gases from laser-cooled alkali vapors has created a new class of quantum many-body systems and a new field at the intersection of atom optics and low temperature physics. These systems provide a completely new experimental approach to some of the most important and outstanding mysteries of condensed matter physics, including high-Tc superconductivity. In this way, research on gases of cold atoms and cold molecules is also making an impact on the study of quantum materials – traditionally studied in the context of solid state matter. Here is a short overview of research in this area.

More recently, ensembles of ultra-cold molecules have been made from atomic ensembles. Because of their additional internal structure and anisotropic interactions, ultra-cold molecules are extending the scope of phenomena accessible using ultra-cold gases. The primary focus of our research is on the application of ultra-cold atomic and molecular gases to the study of few and many-body quantum systems.